The 7 Summits of Winning Teams

Why some teams make it to the top

If you are preparing to climb a world-class mountain, then you should hire the best mountain guide. And if you want to climb to the top of your business world, then hire the best team building guide – Judd Efinger.

About the Book

Today, more than ever, your company must have highly functional teams. Success in the global economy and the diverse, hybrid workforce demands excellent teamwork. Yet most companies neglect team leadership training. And they make the costly mistake of expecting leaders to learn critical team skills by trial and error.

Judd Efinger
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker

The 7 Summits

A sneak peek at all 7 Summits, including the 8th Bonus Summit.

1 - Chief Summit

The Winning Team Is Served by a 4S Leader

2 - Chemistry Summit

Seek Diversity of Thought and Complementary Skills

3 - Compass Summit

Ensure a Common Purpose, Alignment, and TargetDestination

4 - Centered Summit

Balance Competition and Collaboration

5 -Community Summit

Nurture Trust, Caring, and Sharing

6 - Creativity Summit

Discover Solutions from Within

7 - Courage Summit

Overcome Adversity and Challenge the Status Quo

Bonus Summit

How to Win Now and in the Future with Hybrid Teams

What Readers Say About the Book

The single most important ingredient in today's successful companies is high-performing, cross-functional teams. Unfortunately, few companies invest enough to develop exceptional teamwork. Judd provides a proven roadmap to guide teams to a higher level.

Rod Johnson
EVP, Applications North America at Oracle

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